Morning Mayhem Information

Drivers –
Prepaid on or before Friday July 2 -$60
Prepaid between Saturday July 3 – Friday July 16 – $70
On the day $90
Passengers – $20 payable on the day.


Discounted rates for group pre-purchases of 5 or more tickets. Contact us for pricing


6:00 am: Arrive at the track to receive armband and drivers briefing
6:30 am to 8:00 am: Track time 
8:00 am to 8:30 am: Free breakfast for drivers 
8:30 am: Thanks for coming!


On Arrival: There is a new arrival procedure. All cars are to park in the front car park when you arrive, which is where we will process you and your entry. The new RACERS Registration will take place in the spectators entry booth at the front gate as well. PLEASE DO NOT drive through the front gates as you normally would, as that is no longer the happy laps event venue entry. You will need to be near the Hi-Octane registration area no later than 6:20am to listen to the driver’s briefing.

YOU MUST OBTAIN A RACERS “CLUBMAN” LICENCE FOR ALL BREKKY & LAPS EVENTS. Go to to register a Queensland Raceways account. $30 per day or $75 per year. It can also be purchased from the Circuit office on the day of the event.
All cars welcome, Conditions apply.
No motorbikes or vehicles with more or less than 4 wheels. If you aren’t sure if your vehicle falls into this category, contact us and we will let you know.
This Session is to allow you to bring your rides to a controlled area to have fun cruising with your family and your mates and other like-minded enthusiasts whilst keeping it safe and off the streets! Come and have fun on one of Queensland’s Premier Racetracks!
* NO drifting, no stopping, no smoke or power skids. In other words, DO NOT limit the visibility of the drivers behind you with smoke
* STRICTLY ONLY STREET REGISTERED CARS – Must have current plates AND proof of registration. Qld Rego check app will be used to ensure all vehicles comply. Registered in another state? No problem!
* Normal Highway speeds apply. You risk removal from the event if you are observed excessively exceeding 140km/h.
* NO cars on trailers to be brought into Queensland Raceway – You WILL BE turned away regardless of pre-purchased tickets or not.
*NO cars fitted with aftermarket roll cages. NO EXCEPTIONS
*Entered Cars subject to inspection by Hi-Octane Motorsport & Photography, & QR staff.
*If you have an issue on track and need to stop, REMAIN INSIDE YOUR VEHICLE. The only exception to this rule is if your vehicle is on fire.
REMEMBER!! Make sure you bring some form of ticket purchase confirmation on the day.