All the information you need to have an amazing time at FRYDAY#4!

After a huge success from our first Fryday in late 2020, we have secured 4 more events for 2021. To ensure longevity and ongoing success of Fryday, you will find all information pertaining to the event here!

Entrant Information

Entrant Information

Entry – From $150

This allows entry for 1 driver and their car

VIP – $450

* Access to ALL Fryday Thrash Session Groups!
* 1x Garage
* 10% off Octane Apparel Merchandise at the Hi-Octane Stand

Garage – $150

Limited Garages available

Carport – $100

Super Limited, Be Quick!

Passengers – $5

All Passengers must sign on at the Hi-Octane Merchandise Tent and show ID. All persons under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign for them.

Spectator Information

Spectators / Early Birds

Purchase before the day and get an early bird discount!

* Adults – $25 or $30 on the day
* Kids (Ages 5-12) – $20 or $25 on the day
* Kids ages under 4 – FREE

Vehicle Entry Requirements

Fryday’s and Hi-Octane Events reserve the right to refuse ANY vehicle to participate in the event if they are deemed to not satisfy the minimum entry requirements.

Purchasing an entry does not guarantee automatic entry to the event. All vehicles will be subject to checks via online images submitted, and on the day scrutineering, and may be refused. If this happens via online checks, you will be notified and given the opportunity to make your vehicle compliant. If you think your vehicle may not pass, email us at with photos of your areas of concern on your vehicle for more information.

All vehicles wishing to enter Fryday Events must have the following

  • Vehicle must be clean and tidy in general appearance. If your car looks like your mate’s mate has just done a $50 respray on it, with 3 different types of wheels on it, you most likely won’t be admitted.
  • No major damage to Bodywork. This means vehicles must be straight
  • No missing bumpers. All plastic Bumpers must be installed
  • No sharp edges anywhere on the vehicle that could catch a spectator.
  • Headlights, Brakes, Brake lights, Indicators must work.
  • Seatbelts for each seat that a passenger will occupy.
  • No cracks in windscreen (Small stone chips are ok).
  • Your front tyres must have good tread for all events. Your rear tyre tread must be sufficient for all cruise sessions and competition events.
  • Battery must be secure.
  • No fuel lines or coolant hoses allowed inside cabin occupied by driver or passenger.
  • Bonnet must be on the car at all times except when travelling to or from the burnout pad, and whilst on the burnout pad.