Springnats 2019, held in Shepparton Victoria was, as always an epic weekend celebrating all things automotive. Running into its 27th year the crew from Autofest Performance Car Festivals went one step above with their efforts being praised by many as the best Autofest event to date.

Kicking things off on the Fridays night, burnout competitors were treated to some free time on the pad for testing their machines or just to have a play. Every kind of competitor was on the pad from your average manging V6 right up to the methanol fueled blown burnout kings screaming into the night.

Throughout the weekend the pavilions were filled with some amazing quality show cars. Everything from old school Aussie muscle to imports and a few wild hot rods thrown into the mix. The owners taking the time to meticulously clean and polish their rides for the crowds. Some of the cars were also making frequent trips out of the pavilion to take part in the driving events in hopes of taking home the ‘Car of Show’ title, a title that is coveted amongst regular attendees.

Saturday morning the show kicked off with the sound of screeching tyres with the Autokana, Grab the flag and the go-to-whoa held on the burnout pad. Drivers were able to show off the precision and speed across the 3 different events while competing in everything from stock street to modified, burnout and top level show cars.

Moving into the afternoon, the town of Shepparton town center was the place to be. The Supercruise gave everyone a chance to drive their car on the street down to the Aussie Hotel, an opportunity for a lot that they would not usually get considering some of the modifications the cars have. While in town, the crowd was treated to the sight and sound of a nitro funny car start up and a few revs in between the cruise participants that had filled the road and the mall.

As the cruise returned to the showgrounds the burnouts kicked off on the pad and rolled through the night with smoke and the sweet sound of screaming engines filling the sky. It was never going to be an easy task to get in to the top of the field with a few people falling victim to the slippery conditions on the bitumen pad and quite a few more lighting up the rear ends in spectacular fashion giving the crowd a big light show.

Moving into Sunday and the event schedule was as per the previous day, however it was finals time. Personal bests fell and there was definitely a serious side to all of the drivers in the way the approached every run in the driving events making sure every turn and stop counted. The burnouts carried much of the same seriousness with every car hitting the corners and blowing the tyres off with a ‘NO FU*KS GIVEN’ attitude in the hopes of taking out the top prize.

At the close of the event, the biggest achievement would have to be by Ken Logue in his immaculate HT GTS Monaro. Ken came to the show with a mission. Having the Big orange Monaro in the show hall and out on the pad driving the wheels off it and ultimately taking home the Top prize of GRAND CHAMPION.

For the burnouts, the Overall champion in the pro class was awarded to Tim Barby in the Austin A50 known as MOJO

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